Music is something David felt commited to from an early age on.
He got in touch with the Music of Jimi Hendrix, Quincy Jones and artists like The Police, Michael Jackson and many more from an early age on.

itโ€™s no surprise that David has developed a passion for music and the art of making music through a rather eclectic musical background. Genres like Jazz, Worldmusic, Rock, and of course Hip-Hop were all part of his personal musical education.

He started playing in several musical projects on bass, guitar, piano and drums. After a while he didnโ€™t feel, that he could achive what he had in his mind, so he decided to turn his own ideas about sound into a musical reality. The very first projects were all about movie scores and sound-designing for motion picture projects.

At this time his best friend used to DJ at private parties and events. That was the first time David got in touch with the art of the DJ-ing and its culture. Quickly he learned how to properly mix tracks, control and create a journey for an audience. His performances today with CDJs and Controllers reflect a unique style and an effortless, very precise technique of mixing.

An important step to professionalize his studio skills was the decision to attend and graduate at the SAE College Cologne to focus on the production of Techno and electronic music.

It didnโ€™t take too long until he has found himself producing and performing techno and electronic music as a full time commitment.

As a result of finding his musical identity and the experiences he already has made, David has created his unique style of producing techno and its subgenres which contains driving beats, a certain amount of athmosphere and melodic synthlines.

David is now holding residencies at several clubs in Germany and Europe.



DCO Radio was created to give artists and friends a platform for their craft, mixes and new music. Hosted by David Christopher himself, DCO Radio will be updated monthly.

Listen to the latest episode on SoundCloud and Mixcloud. We’re currently working on making it available on iTunes and Spotify.


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