Getting in touch with the Music of Jimi Hendrix, Quincy Jones and artists like The Police and many more from an early age on, it’s no surprise that David has developed a passion for music and the art of making music. Browsing through genres like Jazz, Worldmusic, Rocksubgenres, and Hip-Hop, he found himself in making and performing techno and electronic music.

He started playing in several musical projects on bass, guitar, piano, djembe, synths and drums, before he decided to turn his ideas about music into a musical reality. The first projects were all about movie scores and sound effects for movies and commercials. At this time his best friend used to DJ at private parties and events. That was the first time David got in touch with the technical side of the dj culture. Quickly he learned how to mix something with a beat and to react to an audience. Soon he got a resident DJ in three Clubs in Düsseldorf.

After graduating at the SAE College in Cologne, he decided to focus on the production of Techno and Electronic Music.

“….The most important thing about DJing is to create a relationship with your crowd. You gotta take them on a journey and experience known and unknown terrain. There is no space for narzism or any ego trippin’ type of DJ behaviour. It’s all about the vibe, the love, the technique and the effort I put into my sets.”